First Commercially Produced 3D Printed Gun Part

    Sintercore LLC have developed a range of muzzle brakes that I believe are the first commercially produced gun parts to be manufactured using a 3D printer. The printing technology they are using is Direct Metal Laser Sintering. DMLS makes objects by using a high powered laser to melt metallic powder, building up the object one layer at a time. The end result is supposed to be very durable. The advantage of this system is that intricate parts can easily be made.

    The company’s press release is below…

    Sintercore LLC released the first 3D printed metal firearms part for pre-order today. Neal Brace, founder of Sintercore and a former active duty U.S. Marine Corps infantryman, designed the device to help firearm operators more effectively control their rifles and pistols under rapid fire. The device, named AuxetikTM, represents a significant advance in firearm industry manufacturing. The word AuxetikTM is derived from the Greek word “auxetikos,” which means “that which tends to increase.”

    Mr. Brace’s invention consists of a fully-dense Inconel muzzle brake created using direct metal laser sintering technology.

    Sintercore’s HYLT (hybrid linear / transverse) brake technology reduces recoil, eliminates muzzle rise, and minimizes concussion. This technology is based on 3D printed linear gas vents, a Sintercore innovation, which allows an amount of gas to flow forward from one expansion chamber into the next expansion chamber through channels that could not be easily made in traditionally manufactured cast, machined, or EMD’d part.

    Sintercore products are sold directly from the manufacturer’s website, at The AuxetikTM muzzle brake retails at $399.98 and is available at a pre-order price of $299.98.

    Steve Johnson

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