Kahr Arms Wants Wikipedia Changed

    Justin Moon on the cover of CEO Magazine. May 2010.

    Kahr Arms, founded by Justin Moon, have for years denied claims that the company is owned by the Unification Church of Korea which was founded by Mr. Justin Moon’s father. The company has gone to the extreme lengths of issuing a press release asking the general public to alter the Kahr Arms Wikipedia page. From the press release dated July 23, 2013 …

    Pearl River, NY – Kahr Firearms Group has changed their Wikipedia information to correct misinformation used to describe the corporation.

    Currently, Wikipedia lists inaccurate information with regard to the history and ownership of Kahr Firearms Group. The corporation would like to go on record that the Kahr Firearms Group was founded in 1994 by Justin Moon. Mr. Moon is the sole owner of the firearms group which includes Kahr Arms, Magnum Research and Auto Ordnance. Kahr Firearms Group is a $75-$100 million corporation which employs 250 employees between its Pearl River, NY corporation office, Worcester, MA and Pillager, MN manufacturing plants along with several captive CNC machine shops also owned by the corporation.

    I researched the ownership of Kahr back in 2011. The confusion arose partly from a NY York Times article that said the Unification Church owned Kahr Arms. The article is also published on Tongil Group’s website (the Tongil Group is the Church’s commercial holding company which Justin Moon was CEO at the time of publication and is now the Chairman).

    In 2001 Massad Ayoob interviewed Mr. Moon and asked him about the ownership of the company. Justin said he was the majority shareholder. In the past decade Mr. Moon must have taken ownership of the minority stake of the company if he is now the sole owner.


    Steve Johnson

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