Glock USA Now Exporting Pistols

    Last year consumers in the USA noticed that more and more new Glock pistols on sale had USA stamped on the slide instead of the familiar AUSTRIA. For reasons unknown Glock increased production in the USA. It is now being reported that Glock USA is actually exporting USA-made Glock pistols to at least one other country. New Glock pistols on sale in the Philippines are manufactured in the USA, not Austria.

    According to one user, older Austrian made Glocks are now selling for a significant premium in Philippines because many Glock-enthusiasts want to see AUSTRIA stamped on the slide. Other enthusiasts want their Glocks to have the Tenifer metal treatment that Glock is famous for using. Glock-certified armourers report that Glock has been telling them that the Tennifer is no longer used in either Austria or the USA. Glock’s European website still says the pistols are Tenifer-treated, the Glock USA website just says the parts are surface treated without naming the treatment they use. Tennifer (ferritic nitrocarburizing) stopped being used because it produces unpleasant byproducts, including cyanides.

    Glock's European Website (May 2013)

    Glock’s European Website (May 2013)

    Steve Johnson

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