Tantal Rifle Stock Mod

    TFB reader Chris as unhappy with the mil-spec wire stock his Tantal rifle was supplied with so he modded it up bending the stock down and adding a cheek weld. Quite a nifty mod if you ask me!

    Chris wrote on the TFB Facebook page …

    The original Tantal stock has a horribly short length of pull and the butt plate is high, leaving the user’s arm and head all uncomfortably scrunched up to get a sight line. Amd65tech does make a clamp on cheek riser for these but it doesn’t solve the length/height problem. So I added three inches to the length, which lowers the butt plate considerably, thus raising the rifle, and added the cheek weld area. Now I can shoulder the rifle quick and comfortably with a clear sight picture without bending my head down, much like the ergos of an AR15. I agree with you about the butt plate needing to extend higher. Consider this a working prototype. I wanted to keep the style and lines of the of the original, and used the original butt plate.


    Steve Johnson

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