Magpul MS4 Sling Adds Push Button QD Goodness

    Magpul has upgraded their iconic two-point/single-point sling to a new “MS4” specification. The MS4 is largely identical to the MS3 sling, but tosses the “paraclip” method of sling attachment in favor of push-button quick detach sling swivels.


    While this may seem like a minor change, the quick detach sling swivels provide a more sturdy mounting option than the paraclips, which, while lockable, were made largely of polymer. Mounting points for the QD sling swivels are sprouting up everywhere, particularly on Magpul, Troy Industries, and Midwest Industries rifle components. It only makes sense for Magpul to market a sling that mates right up to them without any cumbersome adapters or home grown solutions.

    The MS4 sling is already available on Magpul’s website for $59.95. The older MS3 is still being made as well, and retails for ten dollars less.