S&W Joins .308 AR Market

    One of the new rifles unveiled this week was the Smith & Wesson M&P-10. Their website currently only lists a camouflage version with a Magpul stock and five round magazine for an MSRP $1,729.00. My guess is the rifle shown here is going to be a bit less.

    S&W M&P-10 (2)

    Note the handguard flare reads “Ambidextrous Features”; you can see the left-hand magazine release below.

    S&W M&P-10 (1)

    If you look closely you can see the left handed safety and bolt-catch release on the right hand side of the rifle. The rep claimed it accepted Magpul Pmag type magazines.

    S&W M&P-10 (3)

    It appears the upper and lower receiver are the DPMS style, as opposed to the Armalite and KAC straight angles, but no information is available on compatibility. Similarly there is no information on the barrel nut type. Like the magazines the DPMS and Knight’s Armament type has become the most common but I don’t want to assume.

    The barrel is not free-floated and is an 18″ 1:10 twist R5 type. The rifle appears fairly standard but I doubt it will be long before the product line branches out to alternative accessories.

    S&W M&P-10 (6)

    Ethan M

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