EOTech Zombie II

    EOTech has updated its Zombie Stopper holographic weapon sight. As seen in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 video game, the sight now features green Reaper Z camouflage:


    The camo apparently makes the sight completely invisible to zombies, though I was unable to test this at the show.

    Other than the Reaper Z camo upgrade, the sight remains identical to the previous Zombie model (now called the Zombie I) which itself is based on the XPS2. It sports a unique biohazard reticle:


    The Zombie II has 20 brightness settings. It’s powered by a single CR123 battery which should run it for up to 600 hours at setting 12.

    I would have guessed that the zombie mania would have died out by now. I would have been wrong.

    Shelby Murdoc

    Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and GunPundit.com.