Rock Island Armory Previews New TCM 22 Bolt-Action Rifle at Shot Show

    Rock Island Armory has a new bolt action chambered in Armscor’s own .22 TCM. From the press release …

    “Our new bolt action TCM 22 rifle sets a new price performance standard for the industry and is a must have for hunters looking for maximum velocity and stopping power in a .22 caliber firearm,” said Martin Tuason, President of Rock Island Armory and Armscor Precision International. “With the early excitement over the TCM rifle, we are ramping up our production capabilities to deliver this in the late second quarter of this year.”

    The TCM 22 bolt-action rifle was designed and engineered to compliment the tremendous demand for the Armscor USA .22TCM bullet that travels at over 2800 feet per second and features a 40-grain jacketed hollow point for maximum stopping power.

    Rock Island Armory TCM 22 Rifle Feature Set:
    • Bolt-Action
    • Chambered exclusively for .22TCM ammunition
    • 5 round standard capacity
    • Interchangeable with .22TCM 17 round pistol magazine
    • 22.75 inch barrel
    • Overall length 40.5 inches
    • Parkerized finish
    • Light at 6 lbs. empty
    • Rail mount scope
    • Ideal for mid-range use hunting

    About the TCM series

    The TCM series was inspired by the need for more firepower in lower caliber firearms and ammo. The series was designed and developed by Armscor/Rock Island Armory executives – President, Martin Tuason and Master Firearm Engineer Fred Craig. The TCM stands for Tuason Craig Magnum.

    The .22TCM bullet has been called the “Flame Thrower” by one prominent reviewer and has been embraced by hunters, self-defense and shooting enthusiasts.

    The overwhelming demand for the bullet’s industry leading high velocity and stopping power has prompted the company to expand its US production facilities.

    Armscor USA .22TCM bullet features:
    • Velocity – 2,800 feet per second
    • 40 grain jacketed hollow point
    • Maximum expansion
    • Centerfire
    • Precision engineered to meet all SAMMI specifications


    Phil White

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