Media Day: A Freezing Start To SHOT Show

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    There are many gun nuts out there who wish that today they also had been at Media Dat At The Range. Don’t be. Bryan’s Nissan rental car reported that outside temperature was 18 degrees when we arrived. That was not the problem for me. I like chilly weather. Icy unrelenting wind on the other hand, not so much. The freezing wind never stopped. Attendees were complaining, exhibitors were complaining even more. Groups of tough looking men dressed from tip to toe in tactical gear, huddling around a small heaters and bitterly complaining about the weather was a common sight. It would have been amusing if I too was not one of them (although not as tough looking and not wearing tactical gear).

    Still, this was the best organized Media Day I have ever attended. The food, ribs and chicken, was delicious. I am sure there were many more companies showing off their guns than in previous Media Days. I want to congratulate the NSSF for doing such a good job.

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    Steve Johnson

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