Walther PPK/S in .22 LR

    James Bond’s favorite gun will soon available chambered in .22 LR. The Walther PPK/S 22 will retail for between $399 and $429.

    PPK_S .22 | Walther ArmsWalther Arms-1


    New for 2013 from Walther Arms, the PPK/S .22 L.R. will give everyone a chance to feel like James Bond. This German-engineered traditional double action .22 caliber replica made famous by Walther for that well-known British Secret Agent comes fully-loaded with features every shooter can appreciate.

    Walther’s PPK/S .22 L.R. comes in two versions – Matte Black and Silver and is perfect for the experienced target shooter or the casual “plinker” who wants to enjoy shooting but desires to shoot less expensive ammunition. Its small size and light weight is becoming the choice for those who want a concealed carry pistol that no one knows they are carrying – including its owner.

    Chambered for .22 L.R. ammunition, this compact beauty is just over 6 inches (154mm) long and lightweight at just 23 ounces (660g). This single stack pistol has a 10 round capacity with the magazine release conveniently located in front of the grip for greater access and control. Besides an interchangeable sight and smooth 13 pound trigger pull, for maximum amount safety, this sleek pistol has a manually-operated safety above the grip for easy access and reliability.

    Even though this is an internationally famous traditional double action pistol, it’s priced for the common man with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price range of $399 to $429.


    Steve Johnson

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