Putin Supports Izhmash & Izhmekh Merger Under Kalashnikov Brand

    Putin has publicly given his support to the proposed merger of Izhmash and Izhmekh (known as Baikal outside Russia) into a new company called Kalashnikov. Defense News reports

    Putin gave his initial support to an idea of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin for Izhmash to merge with another Izhveshk arms manufacturer, Izhmekh, under the brand name Kalashnikov.

    “As for the merger, this is of course possible,” Putin said in televised remarks. “But the result needs to be an improvement in the situation and in no way a worsening. And always in such cases, there are many social questions. I ask you to pay attention to these.”

    This plan makes sense. Both companies are in the same city and are both state-owned businesses. The new company will encompass a wide range of civilian and military pistols, rifles and shotguns and the Kalashnikov name is one of the most widely recognised in the world. I just hope General Kalashnikov will be getting something out of this.

    [ Many thanks to Lance for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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