Archive: September, 2012

Girsan MC 312 Shotgun

Turkish handgun maker Girsan has produced their first shotgun, the MC 312. This gun is one of the growing number of non-Benelli/Beretta inertia operated shotguns being developed now that the original Benelli patents have expired. THe shotguns are available with a [Read More…]

Syrian Rebel DIY Pistol & Rifle

In the video embedded below, a Syrian rebel explains how to operate two DIY weapons. The pistol looks like it may once have been a flare gun. The rifle looks to be one of the most complex single shot guns I have ever seen, I think the optics were taken from binoculars. [Read More…]

Timney Trigger For Model 70 Rifles

Timney Triggers have developed a drop-in replacement trigger for the Winchester Model 70 rifle. From the press release … Timney Triggers, the oldest and largest trigger manufacturer in the world, has been making replacement triggers for over 65 years. In that [Read More…]