A “Chin Stock” for AR-15: No Shoulder Needed

    Halix Innovations1 has developed a “chin stock” (for lack of a better phrase) called the NSN (No Shoulder Needed). It is designed for use with rifle-style pistols and regular pistols with carbine kits. Because it is not a shoulder stock, it can be used on a pistol with registering the pistol as a Short Barrelled Rifle.

    I give the creators of this device 10/10 for innovation. It definitely is a clever idea. As far as practicality goes … just pay the $200 tax and build a real Short Barrelled Rifle.

    Traumatic childhood experiences left me with a irrational fear of dentists, so any gadget that could damage my teeth (and so force me to visit the dentist) is going to have to be VERY useful before I purchase and use it 😉

    [ Many thanks to everyone who sent this in. ]

    1. The Halix is a .co domain, but they are an US company (not Columbian). 

    Steve Johnson

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