Kord Defence SmartGrip Rifle Input Control

    The Kord Defence SmartGrip RIC (Rifle Input Control) is a picatinny rail mounted device which allows easy control of electronic devices attached to the gun itself and of devices carried by the user. The control has four buttons which can be programmed so that certain “chords” (combinations of keys) perform certain actions. It could be used for controlling just about anything without the operator having to remove a hand from the rifle. For example it could be used for radio operation, controlling night vision, adjusting scope reticles or sending predefined messages with GPS coordinates.

    In an article earlier this year I briefly mentioned the version of the SmartGrip RIC (Rifle Input Control) which Kord Defence and Thales Australia developed specifically for the Austeyr EF-88 rifle.

    Overly ambitious Future Solider programs may have fallen by the wayside, but with soldiers slowly being equipped with more and more electronic equipment, control devices like the SmartGrip will eventually become a necessity.

    The system can be used configured for a wired or wireless connection to the operators body. It has a 12+ month battery life and weighs 7 oz.

    Steve Johnson

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