DRD Tactical Paratus Clandestine Take-Down Rifle

    DRD Tactical’s new Paratus is a semi-automatic take-down .308 Win. rifle designed to meet the military’s Clandestine Break-Down Semi-Automatic Rifle (CSR) proposal specifications. When broken down it fits inside an attaché case and can be assembled and ready to fire in under 60 seconds as demonstrated in the video below.

    DRD Tactical Paratus-SBR-12 (12″ short barrled model)

    The rifle appears to be based on the AR-10 design with a return spring integrated into the upper receiver and a charging handle on the left side. Other than the charging handle, the controls are the same as an AR-10/AR-15.

    With a price starting at $5615, this rifle is not designed for the casual shooters.

    Caliber .308 Win / 7.62x51mm NATO
    Capacity 20 Rounds
    Finish Nickel Boron
    Grip Magpul
    Barrel Lothar-Walther 16” with 1 in 10 twist
    Stock Magpul Folding
    Trigger Geissele 2-Stage
    Weight 9.2 lbs
    Sights Magpul MBUS
    Availability Now

    The price for the Paratus-16 (16″ model) is $5,615 and Paratus-SBR-12 (12″ model with AAC muzzle brake) is $5,999. The company plans to offer additional calibers in the future.

    Steve Johnson

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