Magpul STR Stock Review

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    Magpul started shipping it’s new STR stock recently. You may have some difficulty finding them in stock. Magpul is producing them as fast as possible but right now demand exceeds supply. The MSRP is in the $100.00 range. The one I received is the Mil-Spec version.

    The STR stands for “Storage/Type Restricted”. Well it seems the person I spoke with in customer service was a new guy because he sure gave me some incorrect information. As most of you probably know the CTR has the same type of classification.This is the honest to goodness real reason for the type restricted.

    The “Type Restricted” portion of the name does not refer to the ITAR export restrictions on cool stuff. When the CTR and UBR were released/developed, it was noted that some potential customers were restricted from removing the buffer tube from their rifles as needed for UBR installation, but still had use for an enhanced stock. The CTR was designed for this market.

    CTR – Compact/ Type Restricted Stock–
    Basic stock used for compact applications such as shorty/PDW weapons and rifles for units that restrict removal of the buffer tube.

    The STR is a modified version of the CTR with storage capacity which incorporates a better cheek weld. The double tubes are water resistant with a rubber seal at the rear of each. It has a shielded operation lever with a supplemental friction lock. There are two integral sling loops as well as a reversible QD sling mount.

    The buttpad is rubber with the thinner pad installed. Thicker pads may be ordered from Magpul. Another design change I noticed was at the bottom rear of the A frame. The flat portions size was increased which provides a bit better rest than the CTR.

    Installation is very simple as are most stocks for the AR15. The user simply holds the adjustment lever up which releases the friction lock. Insert the dummy 5.56 round that Magpul includes between the frame and friction lock and pull down. This allows you to slide the stock on the buffer tube. Remove the pressure on the dummy round and you’re done.

    As you can see from the pictures the battery compartment is easily accessed by using a coin or that dummy round at the rear of the plug and remove. Replacing it is simply a matter of pressing it into place where it locks in. Capacity is two C123 batteries per side or a few small AR parts.

    After installation I took my AR with the STR to the range for some shooting and get a feel for it’s operation as well as the new cheek weld. With some stocks the cheek weld is too wide for me and I find myself leaning into the stock to get a good view of my optic. With an EoTech it’s not a big deal usually but with a 1X4 scope it’s a bit problematic. This was not the case with the STR. The body of the stock wasn’t excessively wide allowing a good weld and an easy view of any optic. The buttpad shape felt natural and fits the shoulder well. The rubber is a bit harder than most so some may decide to replace this pad with the thicker softer variety.

    Adjusting the stock was simple and straight forward. When the release is activated the stock slides easily into the desired position. My only preference would be a friction lock closer to the release so I can adjust and lock without having to move my hand in a different position. It’s not bad at all don’t get me wrong but I have gotten used to a stock I can adjust and lock with one easy movement. The only other preference I have is with the friction lock not having an audible click or feel letting you know the lock is fully engaged. Even so it caused no problems and the user would get used to it. A plus is it is ambidextrous for you lefties or those who practice both left and right hand shooting. If you try to rotate the stock side to side with the friction lock on there is some free play. Once I had the rifle up to my shoulder it wasn’t as noticeable and shouldn’t cause any difficulty with precision shots at distance.

    Even though there were a few things I would like to see changed these concerns are really minor. This is still a quality stock worthy of consideration as a replacement for your old AR15 stock. The price is very competitive with other stocks having these features. From the pre-sales as well as sales since shipping started it looks like Magpul has another winner on it’s hands.

    Phil White

    Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: [email protected] you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.