New Russian Arsenal Firearms Strike One “Strizh” Polymer Pistol

    A private Russian company called Arsenal Firearms has developed a new slick looking polymer pistol chambered in 9mm Luger/Parabellum. The pistol appears to be named “Strike One” although the YouTube video below says it is named Strizh, which I believe translates to Swift. As far as I know the company is not linked to arms giant Arsenal BG in Bulgaria.

    Oops, the front sight seems to have come loose.

    My Russian is poor (nonexistent) but from watching the video I believe the pistol has a slim profile polymer frame (unusual for a Russian company), an easy-to-rack slide with rear and front serrations, enlarged magazine well, ambidextrous magazine release and picatinny rail. The slide appears to be lighted considerably by removing as much metal as possible in order to increase the cycle rate.

    It looks like a nice design. It is shown with english branding so I think the company is eyeing the export market. If they are clever they will either sell production rights outright or enter in an exclusive supply agreement with a US firm. This is the kind of pistol Remington / Freedom Group needs to add to their line up which is missing a polymer non-1911 platform.

    Notice the accuracy demonstration at 2:45? They appear to be placing shots inches away from the balaclava’d man’s head!

    [ Many thanks to Zarko for emailing us the video. ]

    Steve Johnson

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