Caracel Pistol Stock

    At Media Day I shot a Caracel Pistol with the stock and forgrip attached. The forgrip looks weird and the stock feel cheap, but I was surprised how ergonomic they were in practice.

    The company was represented by Germans at SHOT Show and I noted on Wikipedia that Caracel pistols are now also made in Germany. I wonder if they are still being produced in the UAE. The Knoxville, USA office apparently closed down last year.

    As of 2011 Caracal pistols are also manufactured in Germany by Caracal GmbH operating from Suhl in Thuringia.[3] Caracal GmbH is a subsidiary of the German hunting rifle and shotgun manufacturer Merkel GmbH[4] which was acquired by Caracal International L.L.C. in 2007.

    Steve Johnson

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