Gun Imports in 2010

    The BATFE have published a list of the top countries which exported firearms to the USA and how many gun were imported from them. Most of these countries have only one, two or three major firearm manufacturers, so it is not hard to figure out how many guns these manufactures exported.

    Note: Many of the companies listed below also manufacture firearms in the USA. Some have been known to export US-manufactured guns to Europe.

    Brazil: Taurus/Rossi.

    Austria: Glock and Steyr. I am going to make an educated guess and say that at least 70% of those pistol imported are Glocks. Glocks are selling well! The rifles would be Steyrs.

    Italy: A number of companies. The bulk would be from the Beretta family (which includes Benelli).

    Germany: H&K, SIG & Walther [Thanks Jason]

    Croatia: Springfield Armory is selling a lot of XD pistols!

    Turkey: A lot of firearm manufactures. A good proportion of those shotguns would from Beretta owned companies.

    Canada: I have no idea who is exporting rifles to the USA. Maybe its a typo? Maybe a large undisclosed purchased of Colt Canada firearms for allied forces in the Middle East? Maybe the Canadians decided to send all their Lee Enfield to collectors in the USA. Apparently Savage makes rimfire rifles in Canada [ Thanks James ]

    Russia: Mostly Saiga rifles from Izshmash. I am surprised, I thought Russia would be exporting a lot more.

    Argentina: Bersa pistols.

    China: A few countries import Remington 870-clones (ironically the list includes H&R, a subsidiary of Remington). Who is importing rifles? It must only be either a government, defense contractor or military organization.

    Romania: Soviet era rifles and handguns?

    Japan: Weatherby, some Winchesters.

    Philippines: Rock Island Armory and a few other companies.

    Serbia: Zastava.

    Czech Republic: The majority from CZ. Czechpoint is a smaller company that imports a variety of Czech-made firearms.

    Belgium: FN Herstal.

    Finland: Tikka / Sako (owned by Beretta).

    UK: I am not sure who is importing handguns. I suspect it’s a government-related transfer. There are a number of rifle manufactures. Accuracy International is one of the larger companies.

    Spain: Star and Astra. Possibly includes imports from CVA and Traditions who make muzzleloaders. [Thanks Jon]

    Ukraine: Soviet-era rifles?

    Portugal: Collector guns? Some Browning-branded shotguns [Thanks Jon]

    Bulgaria: Arsenal.

    Poland: Collector guns like the Polish PPS-43C.

    Israel: IWI pistols.

    Switzerland: KRISS and a few other firms.

    If you notice any errors or omissions in the above list, please let us know in the comments.

    Steve Johnson

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