The 1 Pound Pack-Rifle (And Fishing Pole!)

    A pack rifle is a rifle small enough to be carried in a backpack. They are generally chambered in small caliber cartridges, such as the .22 LR or .410 shot shell, and are used for hunting, survival and plinking. The Marlin Papoose is an example of a pack gun (notably a favorite of Tam and Andrew). My pack rifle is a SBR (12″ barrel) Ruger 10/22. To carry it in a pack I remove the stock, cutting down the overall length by a few inches. Neither a disassembled Ruger or Marlin Papoose can come close to the compact and almost gravity-defying light weight of Mountain View Machine & Welding’s Pack-Rifle.

    The single-shot bolt-action Pack-Rifle weights just 0.97 lbs! That is less than a third of the weight of the small Marline Papoose (3.25 lbs) and the Henry/US Survival AR-7 (3.5 lbs) (in their defense, both are magazine fed semi-automatics).

    Caliber .22 LR
    Capacity Single Shot
    Action Bolt Action
    Finish Aluminum / Carbon Fiber
    Barrel Button rifled with Carbon Fiber Outer
    Stock Carbon Fiber
    Overall Length 33″
    Takedown Length 17″
    Weight 0.97 lbs.
    Sights Adjustable Peep
    MSRP (Price) $425
    A laser and scope mount are optional accessories.

    Another unique feature of the Pack-Rifle is that is can be converted to a fishing pole! A telescopic pole can be installed on the stock and a reel screwed into the pistol grip.

    [ Many thanks to Dude for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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