New Zealand Army adopts LMT AR-10 for new Designated Marksman Rifle

    The New Zealand Army has adopted the Lewis Machine & Tool LMT .308 AR-10 rifle as their Designated Marksman Rifle. Last year British Army also adopted the LMT 308 as a designated marksman rifle.

    The rifle looks to be a similar configuration to the British L129A1. The differences that I can see are the use of a Leopold 4.5-14X scope instead of a fixed power Trijicon scope, a foldable foregrip and backup iron sights mounted at a 45 angle. This is the first time I can recall a military AR-15/AR-10 rifle being issued with angled iron sights.

    I have shot the LMT 308 and I was incredibly impressed. Hitting targets with it was just to easy.

    [ Many thanks to WhaleOil for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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