Raytheon ELCAN SpecterHR and SpecterDR

    Many folks who buy their first home defense crew served machine gun forget that even an 80 lbs gun is still a gun and benefits from high quality optics. If your M2HB is still only equipped with the factory iron sights, look no further than Raytheon ELCAN SpecterHR / SpecterDR combo scope.

    SpecterDR atop a SpecterHR at DSEi ’11

    Raytheon’s ELCAN SpecterHR is a large (8.35″ x 4.96″ x 6.42″) 1x reflex sight. The 4″x2″ view box combined with infinite eye relief and ballistic compensated reticle is perfect for heavy machine guns. For those of you who don’t believe one scope is enough, the HR is equipped with a picatinny rail for mounting a higher zoom optic. The SpecterDR 1-4x 1.5-6x is the perfect complement to the HR when you need to reach out and touch someone. On the top of the SpecterDR is a fixed aperture sight, just in case your other two sights malfunction.

    US Ordnance M2HB at DSEi ’11

    UPDATE: Corrected sight zoom level. The 1-4x is a smaller scope.

    [ Many thanks to Lionel for the photo. ]

    Steve Johnson

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