Blaser R8 Professional Tracking

    The Blaser R93 Tracking features are now available in the R8 line as the R8 Professional Tracking. From the press release …

    The new R8 Professional Tracking now provides dog handlers with the unique advantages of the R8. The manual cocking system allows the rifle to be carried loaded with a decocked lock. Even in extreme use, the magazine buttons can be locked within a split second, protecting the magazine safely against loss.

    The detachable R8 magazine offers a very special and unique safety feature: If the magazine is not inserted into the rifle, shooting is no longer possible – this is the most reliable prevention against the access of unauthorized persons.

    When designing the R8, the stock’s shape has also been optimised which makes it easier to handle and stabilise when shooting. Together with the special recoil pad, the shape of the stock reduces recoil. The sliding characteristics of the recoil pad have also been improved considerably which assists a fast gun mount.

    All other characteristics and features which are essential for tracking, like a 50 cm short barrel and special sling straps, were adopted from the tried and tested R93 Tracking.

    Steve Johnson

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