RONI Recon Glock Kit

    I am not sure what to call Command Arms Accessories latest product. The RONI Recon is a variant of their RONI Carbine Kit, which converts pistols to carbines, but this kit does not turn a pistol into a carbine, it simply makes a Glock into a much bigger Glock.

    The $350 kit allows two handed operation of the Glock, one hand on the pistol grip and one hand on the fore end, as well as a better mounting platform for optics on its 9.4″ picatinny rail.

    So why would you want to make your compact handgun into a much bulkier handgun? For fun is the only good reason I can give. Unlike the RONI Carbine Kit, the RONI Recon does not turn the pistol into a Short Barrel Rifle and therefor is not subject to NFA rules and taxes.

    Steve Johnson

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