New SIG pistols

    Sig Sauer Guns has a list of SIG new pistols slated for production this summer …

    220R-45-BSS-E2 – P220 in .45 ACP with night sights and enhanced ergonomic grips (E2)
    220R-45-XTM-BLKGRY – P220 Extreme – just like the P226 Extreme but in a 220
    E26R-9-DP – P226 Diamond Plate – probably much like the P238 Diamond Plate
    E29R-9-SCPN – P229 Scorpion in 9mm – most likely similar in finish to the 1911 Scorpion – with short reset trigger
    E29R-40-SCPN – Same as above…. only in .40
    239-40-RBT – P239 in .40 S&W with a Rainbow Titanium finish on the slide – like the P238 RBT
    239-9-DP – P239 in 9mm with the Diamond Plate finish on the slide
    1911-22-FDE – 1911-22 with a flat dark earth finish on the frame
    1911-22-OD – 1911-22 with an olive drab finish on the frame
    1911CAR-45-SCPN – 1911 .45 ACP Scorpion in a carry configuration – much like the regular Scorpion

    Steve Johnson

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