The guns of the Libyan rebellion

    C. J. Chivers, who more often than not is found where lesser men fear to tread, has published a fascinating account of the weapons and tactics, or lack thereof, he has observed in Libya. Chivers reports

    A PKT machine gun, a weapon designed to be mounted on a Soviet tank and fired electronically by a crew member inside, has no manual trigger, no sights and no shoulder stock. That does not prevent many Libyan rebels from carrying it as if it were an infantryman’s gun.

    A Carcano cavalry carbine — probable refuse from Italian colonization in Libya between the world wars — is chambered for a dated rifle cartridge that the rebels have not been able to procure. That did not deter four rebels recently seen wandering the battlefield with these relics, without a cartridge to fire.

    Rebel carrying German WWII vintage MP38 submachine gun. Byan Denton (C) NYT
    Steve Johnson

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