World’s Most Expensive Plinking Targets?

    My friends at reported on the fascinating story of a 2,500 year old solid gold cup, thought to be made of brass, that was once used as a air rifle plinking target! Accurate Shooter reports

    John Weber, a 70-year-old from England, was given a metal mug by his grandfather in 1945. Though his grandfather had a “good eye” for antiques, John never thought the metal mug was worth much. He played with it as a child, and even used it as a target for his air rifle. The mug, assumed to be brass, has languished in a shoe box under Weber’s bed for decades.

    The cup sold for about $250,000 USD!

    I did some googling and discovered that Andy Warhol’s portrait of Mao sold earlier this year for $302,500! The painting ‘features’ two bullet holes made by actor Dennis Hopper.

    Portrait of Mao by Andy Warhol

    Do you know of any other priceless items that were once used for plinking?

    Steve Johnson

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