Palm38 Tri‐Plex Multi-Projectile .38 Special Cartridge

    Constitution Arms, the firm behind the Palm Pistol, has developed an interesting multi-projectile .38 Special cartridge called the Palm38 Tri‐Plex.

    Three lead bullets, totaling 158 grain, are stacked on top of each other and backed by a copper gas check. The load has been designed to have ultra-low recoil and has a velocity of 658‐678 ft/sec depending on the model of revolver it has been fired from. The maximum range of the round is 10 feet.

    The idea behind this round is to increase the frontal surface area of the wound channels, at the expense of penetration.

    The concept is similar to the Winchester PDX1 Self Defense .410 Shotshell round that was designed for use in the Taurus Judge line of .410 revolvers. Winchester loads the PDX1 with three copper discs backed by shot pellets.

    Winchester PDX1 Self Defense Shotshell ammo

    If you are interested in the rounds specifications and testing results you should take a look at this PDF document from Constitution Arms.

    The round will go on sale next month. If the Taurus Judge has taught us anything, it is that there is a market for interesting self-defense ammunition. I expect it to sell well.

    Steve Johnson

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