Double CZ 52

    Yesterday I wrote about the Double Glock Machine Pistol. My German friend Axel emailed me to say that another double gun made by the same person, this time a CZ 52 chambered in 7.62x25mm, is currently being auctioned off online.

    The auction description is below (translated by Google) …

    So what was never intended to be offered, Egun!

    You are bidding on a prototype of a double gun, consisting of two CZ M52 7.62 Tokarev. The guns are means of two welded rails bolted together, this screw allows adjustment of both the weapons to each other so that both guns “shoot together. The guns are shooting horizontally held ergonomic, in the middle of Weaver rail is fitted, the assembly of target equipment, like red dot sight, ZF etc. permits. The weapon was developed to make manageable set fire guns, because the weapon when firing in the target is always to allow for ergonomic shooting. Who will be asked to fast finger on something to show the trends (aim), it has an ergonomic posture, ie, the pointing hand is perfectly level. It is with this hand position, this double shot with pistol. About this development (by HP Sigg), from then finally fully automatic “Double Glock pistol” was the one) was a detailed article in the Swiss gun magazine (12/1997 written, the pictures of this auction are included. For whom the resolution is too low can be, for me the article in higher resolution request. It is certainly not a weapon for everyday use, but a very interesting piece for collectors and those interested in the history of weapons development and fun you have while shooting also J

    Shipping costs € 10.90, only to EWB. For this particular weapon requires two permits to purchase handguns, because it is so excessive number two weapons involved. To avoid questions: There are ordinary (semi-automatic) pistols, not a series of firearms. The weapon can of course be picked up personally.

    Foreign Shipping:

    I never send weapons to foreign countries. Anyone who still wants the BID from abroad, the auction a German arms dealer named according to which the weapon can be sent and then export to the purchaser makes.

    Here in Egun there are various professional arms dealers, this service offering, for example here:

    Shipping to foreign countries:

    I never ship guns to foreign countries, but I can ship to a licensed German gunsmith, located in Germany, who will do the export for you. Requests in English are welcome.

    Steve Johnson

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