LaRue Tactical 10/22 Arrow-Firing Conversion

    LaRue Tactical is now selling a kit to convert a Ruger 10/22 into an arrow firing rifle. It replaces the barrel with a heavy profile barrel that can only chamber .22 blanks. An arrow is inserted into the barrel and a .22 Blank will propel it at 435 ft/sec.

    The Deluxe Kit

    The basic kit (barrel + arrows) costs $442. The Deluxe kit which includes many accessories costs $599.

    I could really use one of these kits to sort out a pest problem I have, but for that price I would rather buy a high-end .22 air gun and fit it with one of my .22 rimfire suppressors.

    [Hat Tip: RomeoTangoBravo via SayUncle]

    Steve Johnson

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