The last stand of Alejo Garza Tamez

    Narco-gansters gave 77-year-old Mexican rancher Alejo Garza Tamez an ultimatum, move out in 24 hours or die. Instead of capitulating he heroically made a last stand. NY Post reports

    He shot so fast and furiously that the confused cartel assumed there were several people inside. Dropping their assault rifles, the thugs lobbed hand grenades into the ranch house until the shooting stopped.

    When the Mexican army finally showed up after the gunfight, they found four dead and two injured gang members piled in a heap outside the shelled, bullet-pocked farmhouse.

    Inside, amid a pile of rubble, was the lifeless, bullet-riddled Garza, two weapons at his side.

    The unassuming timber businessman was given a hero’s burial last week in his native Monterrey, Mexico.

    The man is a hero and an inspiration. I hope his story is made into a movie.

    [ Many thanks to the reader who emailed this in ]

    Steve Johnson

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