RVTT Three-Dimensional Targets

    The Israeli firm RVTT Reshef Technology has developed a range of 3D targets for military training.

    From the press release …

    The new 3D targets, RESHEF RVTT 3039, are realistic, visual 3D infantry targets for dry/live-fire training of military combat forces and police anti-terror special units, such as SWAT teams. The multi-spectral target, designed for day and night training, has passive thermal reflective capability and provides users with a realistic thermal picture. Radar and laser signatures can be provided as an option.

    The RESHEF RVTT 3039 targets are positioned in the field training area, using various battlefield scenarios. The target’s unique features create a realistic atmosphere – a real battlefield look and feel – in all weather conditions.

    I think LEO and civilians engaging in tactical-style training would enjoy using these target.

    Steve Johnson

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