Nobilta-TWM’s 10mm Auto Nobile Pistol

    German firm Nobilta-TWM is making an interesting 10mm Auto chambered pistol. The pistol looks like it has been inspired both the Auto Mag and the Desert Eagle. It appears to be gas operated, although one of our German speaking readers will have to confirm this (the Google translation does not make much sense).

    AR-15 style rotating bolt

    The company’s website says that other calibers are available on request.

    [ Many thanks to Mehul for emailing me the link. ]

    UPDATE: Jas emailed me a translation …

    about the operation of the gun:

    Starr verriegelter, halbautomatischer Rückstoßlader, Schlagbolzenschloss mit direkt auf Fangrast wirkender Sicherheit

    Which means as much as

    Solidly locked, semiautomatic recoil operated, striker fired with safety that works directly on the sear.

    Steve Johnson

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