An Exquisite, Beautiful and Steampunk-esque .50 BMG rifle

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This is easily one of the most incredible rifles I have ever seen. This work of art was built by the late Jack Smith of Sudbury, Mass. in his home machine shop. It is built on a custom falling-block Farquharson-style action. Mr Smith must have been a careful man because in addition to the falling breech block he incorporated a howitzer-style side swinging breech block for added safety.

It features a rear tang sight and a Unertl 15X target scope mounted with custom-built aluminum rings. Because the gun is so big, the scope and iron sights are offset to left.

The forearm and pistol grip are made from cast bronze. The stock and side panels are French walnut. Note the lack of a muzzlebrake.

This rifle is being auctioned next month by James D. Julia (lot #1350). It is expected to sell for between $15,000-$25,000.

[Hat Tip: Max Popenker]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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