Man lives for years unaware he was shot in the head

    A Polish man living in Germany discovered, after getting an X-Ray, that he had been living since 2004 or 2005 with a bullet lodged in his head.

    Photo published by German police.

    The Local reports

    “He must really have a strong constitution,” said Schütte, who spoke with the patient while he recovered in the hospital following an operation on Friday. “He was of course intoxicated at the time he felt the blow. It was New Year’s Eve so naturally he’d had a bit more than usual to drink.”

    Doctors informed police in the Ruhr Valley city immediately, and they are now searching for the shooter, who faces charges of negligent bodily harm.

    This is not the first time I have heard about something like this happening. It also reminds me of the shooting where hair weave stopped a .40 S&W bullet.

    [ Many thanks to David and Rob for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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