Galil Ace Rifle

    Israel Weapon industries (IWI) has introduced a new line of Galil rifles and carbines. The Ace rifle comes in three flavors. The 2x series (21,22 and 23 – the model number differentiate between barrel lengths) are chambered in 5.56mm NATO, the 3x (31 and 32) series is chambered in 7.62x39mm and the 3x series (52 and 53) is chambered in 7.62mm NATO)

    Galil Ace 31
    Galil Ace 31

    The Ace line improves upon three areas of the original Galil: ergonomics, optics and accuracy. Ergonomics is improved with a modern-style pistol grip and adjustable M4-style stock. Accuracy is improved by using the Galil Sniper trigger instead of the standard rifle/carbine trigger. Multiple picatinny rails have been included to make the system optics ready.

    Galil Ace 52

    The rifles use the standard Galil magazines. The 7.62x39mm and 5.56mm NATO have 35 round capacity and the 7.62mm NATO has 25 round capacity.

    This video shows a variety of Ace rifles being stress tested …

    I snot think that a civilian version of this rifle will ever be made but in time the consumer AK accessory industry is sure to start producing handguards, pistol grips and stocks for dressing up a AK-clone as an Galil Ace.

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