The INSAS 5.56mm Rifle

    An Indian reader emailed me an article he wrote about India’s service weapon, the INSAS 5.56mm Rifle. The article is facinating and I highly recommend you take the time to read it.

    INSAS receiver. Note the lettering: its been scratched in my hand.

    I think it is safe to say the gun was designed by a committee. It has a FNC-styled fore-end, a AK-styled receiver, a FNC-styled trigger group, an AK-style bolt/gas system and Steyr AUG inspired magazines (which are manufactured by an Indian plastic furniture maker!)!

    I found quite saddening was the obvious lack of pride by the workers at the Ishapore factory. One of the rifles which the author inspected did not even bother wiping off the white enamel paint which is used to color the lettering. I have not met any workers from Colt Defense’s M4 factory, but I would imagine they take great pride in knowing that their work is used to defend the nation. The author wrote …

    I found out that they wanted to have white paint filled lettering, but the crude scratching that passed off as lettering was too shallow and the lazy buggers at the factory simply squished some white enamel over the general areas and didn’t even bother to wipe off the excess!!

    Read the article here.

    Steve Johnson

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