Chinese Views on American Gun Ownership has an interesting blog post about the reaction of Chinese internet users’ to an article about guns sales at Walmart. Many of the comments are quite reasonable.

    One response was …

    I’d like to ask the lou zhu a question. It may be very naive but please be so kind as to give me an answer. Since guns are sold like this in America, is their government not afraid of social problems? Right now in Shanghai, the supermarkets selling cooking knives have also locked them inside glass display cases like this.

    Another was …

    But in China, that is not possible, and the key is that the character of the people [on average] is not there yet. If firearms were available for sale in China, then we’d probably have to wear bullet-proof vests in order to go out.

    I think the Chinese sell themselves sort. I have no doubt they are just as sane and capable of self-control as the rest of humanity.

    [ Many thanks to Squidpuppy for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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