Poorly researched commentary on the M4/5.56mm debate

    Fox News has published a badly written article about the whole M4/5.56mm debate. The article goes on and on about the limited range of the M4/5.56mm

    An Army study found that the 5.56mm bullets fired from the M4s don’t retain enough velocity past 1,000 feet to kill an enemy. In Afghanistan, forces are often up to 2,500 feet apart.

    They then quote commentator Maj. Gen. Robert Scales Jr. (Ret.) saying …

    Scales said the U.S. military simply needs to engineer a better weapon – he said the M8, a weapon that was under development before being halted several years ago, could be revived and improved for Afghanistan.

    “We’re the world’s largest superpower. Why don’t we just make one,” Scales said. “This isn’t rocket science. We’re not putting a man on the moon here.”

    The “M8″ would be the XM8 which, as I am sure you are all aware, chambers the 5.56mm … sigh

    H&K’s XM8

    [ Many thanks to Hugh for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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