Boarding pirates ships in the 21 century

    This video shows helmet camera footage of Dutch Marines boarding a cargo ship. The footage is fantastic.

    I believe the carbine used is the Colt Canada C8. I can’t identify the grenade launcher.

    UPDATE: A huge thank you to Okki for creating this transscript …

    Transcript: Somalia 5 April, 2010: The German merchant ship “Taipan” is being liberated from pirates by Hr. Ms. Tromp.

    The team commander of the boarding team explains the images that were recorded during the boarding with a helmet cam.

    We got the order to take our team and liberate the merchant vessel “Taipan” from pirates. There were 10 pirates on board who had hijacked the ship. There were 15 crew on board who had retreated safely into the safe-room in the bowel of the ship.

    The sensor operator is now throwing the the Fast-Rope line out of the chopper and he will also be assisting the persons who will descent via the rope.

    I’m currently firing the Mag (?) in order to provide cover fire. So the pirates who are standing on the deck of the Taipan wont have the opportunity to fire on us. To the right you can see the Her Majesty Tromp.

    From this moment forward there is also cover fire provided from the roofs of the containers. This provides cover fire for the personnel that is still exiting the helicopter. You can also see that the way the containers are stacked, they are providing us cover as well. So in case a magazine change needs to occur, the soldier can step side-ways into cover, change their magazine, and reengage fire to the ships bridge.

    From that point we proceeded to the stern of the ship. we headed to the bridge in order to liberate the Taipan. (indistinct talking between the team). [Shouting] Show your hands! Once we got there we first apprehended 6 pirates. The were on the lower deck. We let them climb through the window as the window was broken.

    We saw people move, we addressed them and we let 6 pirates exit through the window. All 6 of them were handcuffed and rendered safe.

    [Shouting: … Show me your front]. On the stern one of the team members heard voices. They reacted to those voices; addressed them and two more pirates came around the corner. Those were also unarmed. They were also handcuffed on that deck we securred 8 pirates.

    At this time, one of the pirates is being summoned to come down. (background: Yeah.. I’ve got him.) Under the watchful eye of one of the team members he walks down the stairs with his hands raised. Once he makes it down he will also be handcuffed and rendered safe. Eventually we ended up with 10 pirates.

    [Indistinct shouting]

    A 3 member team went upstairs to the bridge. By means of the bridge, which still needed to be cleared, we went down into the crew quarters. We searched and cleared the crew quarters in order to make sure there were no further pirates on board.

    The crew rooms where trashed. there were laptops laying around on the floor, door were kicked in, doors had been shot that they were not able to open. In the short time they were on board they did a substantial amount of damage.

    They were most definitely armed. Upon the assault of the ship they just dropped everything from RPG’s, RPG7′s and AK-47′s and pistols.

    The German captain decided to open the safe-room and he and his crew came out. They were very relieved. We assembled the crew on the port-side of the ships stern. There we debriefed them on what had occurred and how we made entry onto the ship. We received applause from the crew. They were really glad to see us.

    Ha! The pirates did a lot of damage with guns, but no weapons were found on the ship 😉 The “MAG” in the transcript is probably the FN MAG.

    [ Many thanks to Jeff for emailing me the vid. ]

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