ATK Acquires Blackhawk

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The firearm industry consolidation continues. ATK, a major player in the defense industry, has purchased Blackhawk Industries.

MINNEAPOLIS, April 12 Alliant Techsystems (NYSE:ATK – News) has acquired Blackhawk Industries Products Group Unlimited, LLC, one of the most recognizable brands in the rapidly expanding security market. The acquisition of Blackhawk, combined with the recent acquisition of Eagle Industries, strengthens ATK’s position in tactical accessories and equipment for domestic and international military, law enforcement, security, and sport enthusiast markets. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“The acquisition of Blackhawk supports our strategy of expanding into adjacent lanes while leveraging ATK’s existing core competencies to deliver efficient growth and EPS,” said Mark DeYoung, President and CEO. “Blackhawk provides ATK with a leading tactical systems brand, an expanded portfolio of quality products, and additional design and development expertise for innovative tactical accessories. This acquisition significantly increases our presence and our potential in the growing domestic and international security markets.”

ATK produces ammunition under a variety of brands including Federal and CCI. A while ago Blackhawk purchased Knoxx (a recoil reduction stock manufacturer).

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • DShepard DShepard on Jul 28, 2010

    Poor Quality

    The L2 paddles break in the upper left hand corner
    the l3 screws fall out
    the pants tear around the zipper when trying to pull up
    the zipper
    the boots made in China come part where the sole and casting meet
    the shotgun stocks the bolts are wrong right from the factory and do not match the wapons
    the lights are defective out of the box

  • Richard U. Richard U. on Nov 05, 2010

    Dear People,
    Who love guns and weapons, ATK will buy every gun and ammo maker and sell it to THE HIGHEST BIDDER!! $$$$$$$.
    USSR,China maybe the Middle east people????
    These guys don,t care about people or country.
    They own RCBS,Speer,Fedral,Weaver,Bushnel,Tasco,Uncle Mikes,Blackhawk,Eagle,powder companies here,Millets sights.
    Who is next?
    Maybe the US Congress will break up this corp.?
    Call your USA Congressman and ask why is this happening.
    Dose this Violate US trust Laws?
    The President selling us out?
    Call now and ASK THEM.
    In God I Trust,Not man.