Custom compact XDM 3.8 "Minus"

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Rich at Canyon Creek Custom has created a custom compact variant of the Springfield XDM 3.8 which he has named the “Minus”. The original XDM, despite being called a compact by Springfield, retains a standard sized grip. Rich has chopped 0.5″ off the grip which makes it more concealable without making it uncomfortable to shoot. The cut down magazines are reduced to 16 rounds of capacity.

Standard XDm (left, note: it is not a XDm 3.8 but the grip is the same size as the 3.8) vs. Canyon Creek’s Custom

Personal Armament Podcast has a very interesting interview with Rich about this gun and speculations about the future of the XD line. It is well worth listening too.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Alex Ingram Alex Ingram on Jul 24, 2010

    I'm a long-time 1911 shooter who moved to a Glock 17 as my primary carry gun two years ago. After doing a trigger job and adding combat night sights I got it to shoot the way I wanted, but it didn't have the natural point and feel of a 1911 and lacked a secondary grip safety. And I never really liked the overall look of the gun much either, too sterile, but I'd joined the 21 century, right!?! Of course I could have taken out a loan and purchased a SIG-Sauer or HK USP for a $1,200+.

    This past weekend I was at the Scottdale Gun Club on some other member business and the Springfield sales rep was there displaying his wares. We began talking about their "Super Gun of the Year" and then ask me if I wanted to try out one of their demo guns. He'd give me a 50-round box of ammo to shoot it, so what did I have to lose! I wasn't expecting much, but I'll never walk away from burning holes in targets.

    He handed my a production model of the XD-M in 9mm with a 3.8" barrel. My first ten rounds registered 3-inch groups at 50 feet. I've never been able to do that before with any floor production gun right out of the box, so cudos to Springfield for both their marketing and engineering. I was totally amased by the natural ergomomics, remarkable accuracy and superior craftsmanship of the weapon. After putting another 40 rounds through the demo gun, I immediately purchased one for myself and repeated the same range performance with my new gun with another 50 rounds. This gun is absolutely impressive guys!

    My gunsmith is adding me a new trigger group (I prefer around a 3.5-pound pull) and a Trijicon red dot sight (the eyes aren't what they used to be at 63). It will then take its rightful place as my new carry gun.

    There was also a neat freeby -- the gun comes with a polymer belt hoster, twin magazine belt carrier (also polymer) and two magazines, all neatly packed, along with the gun, in a well-designed and rugged form-fitted carry case. I don't know if this is a limited-time promotional deal but it added value to the deal!

  • Scott Steinmetz Scott Steinmetz on Aug 27, 2010

    This is PERFECT. I don't like the subcompact, but it's easier to carry. I love the 3.8, but the grip is too long. As was mentioned above, this is what Springfield should have done in the first place. Mine, mine, mine.