Anvil Arms inventory, ammo and tooling being auctioned off

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I reported in February that Anvil Arms, an AR-15 manufacturer, had gone out of business. On the 10th Olesby Auctioneers will be auctioning off their inventory, guns, suppressors, ammo and machinery. If you wanted to buy your own AR-15 manufacturing setup, now is your opportunity!

[ Many thanks to Matt (of WeaponsCache forum) for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • KC KC on Apr 06, 2010

    they have a LOT of M16s and M16 lowers. I wonder if they are transferable pre '86 M16s?

    the more I look through them the less likely it seems, I'm assuming the AA16 lowers are for Law Enforcement and cannot be sold to civilians.

  • Robb Allen Robb Allen on Apr 07, 2010

    KC, from what I can see from the pictures, they're all stamped with Anvil's logo, which makes me think they're newer models.

    That is one law we need to expend some political capital on to repeal. Heck, just drop the 86 rule and it'd help.