The TAC2 AR15 Discreet Carry Kit

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Just admit it, I am not the only one here who fantasies about carrying an AR-15 around in my briefcase 😉 The good news is that the TAC2 AR15 Discreet Carry Kit allows just that.

Pelican Briefcase
Black Leather Attache Case

The kit contains …

  • QC (Quick Change) Barrel nut and lock plate
  • 7-inch or 12-inch free float fore-end
  • Fore-end lock ring
  • A briefcase with fitted foam insert.

The TAC2 system is available as a kit starting at $225 (without briefcase, as a complete upper starting at $750 (with leather briefcase) or as a complete rifle for $1175 (with leather briefcase).

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for emailing me the link. ]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • TBaytUSMC TBaytUSMC on Dec 04, 2010

    I actually have one of these. it makes cleaning the barrel extension easy as sin, and I've NEVER had a problem with zero (though I don't use it for precision, but 3 gun comps.) Only things I don't like about it, are no rails for buis, and under severe rapid fire, can get hot.

    From what I've noticed, and for what it's worth, the fore end always indexes in the same spot once tightened down... With proper machining skills, you could probably get a rail on there for a vert. grip, or you could probably drill venting holes on it... I've been happy with it though.

  • Al Al on Dec 04, 2011

    Hi… just my 2 cents… I have in my possession a tac2 kit… it is a great concept and it get the point across of the intent of having a compact takedown AR.
    I installed a gas piston in the 223 caliber 11.5 barrel with a soldered flash hider to meet the 16” law requirements.
    In addition to the barrel exchange capability is the possibility to have a second barrel with another caliber with no additional modifications. My other barrel is the 300 AAC Blackout.
    My concern was related to the use of same Eotech and scope optics for the two barrels.
    Without being technical about temperature, grains, bullet weights etc, I found that 300 subsonic was 2” lower and the300 hyper was 1” high… compared to 0 for the 223. Changing barred did not affect the shot placements.
    The rifle worked fine and I know that there is a minor problem if installation is not understood. Locktite is a must and care is needed to set it up for full contact with the barrel spacer.
    The over tighten of the set screw can stress/egg the upper making the barrel to feel binding. Other than that the barrel exchange is a breeze and it is an affordable and simple way to have a compact multi barrel system. My only disappointing customer issue with the TAC2 supplier is that my kit came without the brief case and wrong non- related instructions … my understanding of the sale was that the briefcase and foam insets were included as advertised. Nevertheless, I am happy with the outcome. I recommend this kit.