MasterPiece Arms MPA22-T Pistol

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The MPA22-T Pistol is a new MAC-10 styled pistol chambered in .22 LR. From the press release …

The MPA22-T has a 5.25” threaded barrel with muzzle break, 1:16 barrel twist- RH and comes with a 30-round polymer magazine. It has 3.3 lbs trigger pull and a Parkerized finish. Because it was developed from the Mini 9mm frame, all available Mini 9 accessories will fit the MPA22T platform.

This new MAC is available in both the traditional top-cocker version (MPA22T-A) and as a side-cocker/scope mount version (MPA22SST-A).

I like this.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Michael norman Michael norman on May 23, 2010

    Its a well built .22lr from MPA that offers a cheaper platform for shooters to save some money. Its a bit finicky on the brands of ammo that it likes to shoot. we sell some upgrades for it already that make it more comfortable to shoot.

  • Trey Goodman Trey Goodman on Oct 03, 2010

    There have been so many different companies who had "failed" after they took on the MAC, that I was quite skeptical about owning one. Everyone kept saying that Masterpiece was the best kind to get, and I like the design of the M11/9, so I bought an MPA30 just for fun and couldn't be happier! The mechanics are VERY simplified, and the only issues I ever had with it were ammo related. I don't like the finish, but other than that I love the gun. I think a 22 would be way more affordable to shoot, but I think the curved magazine just kind of ruins the MAC look. Probably wont be able to bumpfire it very easily, but my wife likes the MPA30 so much that she wants her own MAC, so I am looking at getting her the 22 for Christmas.