Embarrassing mistakes I made at SHOT

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

You all may as well get a laugh out of the top three stupid things I did at SHOT Show …

  • At Media Day I was having a great time shooting offhand with a Ruger No. 1 chambered in .300 H&H Magnum. A poor cheek weld on one of the shots left me with a bruised jaw for the rest of the week. I know better than to shoot with a poor cheek weld.

  • I was playing with the knives and on of the booth and cut my finger on an incredibly sharp blade. It would not be particually embaressing, but it would not stop bleeding ( Murdoc can attest to that) and so many observant attendees and exhibiters asked me, with a smirk on their face, which knife booths I had been visiting 😉 If you play with knives you are gonna get cut.

  • At GemTech’s booth I removed the dust cover on an ATI Kalashnikov. I had not yet been to the ATI booth and wanted to see what was going on under it. Problem was that I could not figure out how to put it back on … which really pissed off a GemTech staff member.

Gemtech Suppressors (ATI Kalashnikov, middle)
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Destroyer Destroyer on Feb 15, 2010

    i appreciate the humility author, ive pulled a few boners in my lifetime of firearms usage as well (to increase the humiliation, i am a former military armorer and gunsmith).

    Ill mention one scenario with my beloved M1 Garand (manufactured by International Harvester) in which i was examining it after a day in the range. With the bolt locked back, i pressed on the bolt block in the magazine, releasing the bolt with my finger in the magazine well. luckily there was nobody around, though it was unsurprisingly a painful lesson to learn.

  • Arthur B. Burnett Arthur B. Burnett on Feb 15, 2010

    Greetings from Texas,
    When I got my first Garand EVERYONE told me stories about "M1 Thumb". I was extreemly careful. Five years later, when I was a "old pro" it got me! Not only will that rifle chamber and lock your thumb but all of your good buddies (Oh Yeah, I did it in front of a room full of people) will laugh themselves stupid while you get it off. It almost happened again about ten years later but I got out.
    Moral of the story, if you don't respect that rifle it will bite ya!