Marines buying up 185 grain .45 ACP

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Over the past 6 months I have been following the Marines sly procurement of M45 1911 pistols (formally MEU(SOC) pistol) in small parts. The Marines have just procured 150,000 rounds of Federal Premium Gold Medal .45 Auto 185GR FMJ-SWC Match Ammunition.

The procurement is notable because the rounds are not loaded with classic 230 gr hardball bullets, but the lighter and faster 185 grain FMJ-SWC bullets.

[ Many thanks to Matt for emailing me the info. ]

UPDATE: Daniel pointed out that the purchase was for the USMC Competition-In-Arms Program and that the solicitation appears to have been canceled.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Phil Phil on Mar 08, 2010

    Good point Lance, the Marines must have tons of .45 ammo. on hand from years back. Why the need for an obvious non-essential item. Competition, swampetietion. How many grunts do they have in competition? That's a bit of ammo. for some COMPETITION.

  • Pete Sheppard Pete Sheppard on Feb 01, 2011

    FWIW, back before effective hollow-points for pistol calibers were developed, Jeff Cooper advocated SWC for defensive use, since the shoulder would presumably create a true .45" wound channel, rather than simply pushing tissue aside, which would then spring back.
    Since the US abides by the Hague Conventions, banning expanding bullets for combat use, this *could* be also be way to improve effectiveness of the .45ACP.