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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Over at AR15.com Jarrod McDevitt, a Bushmaster employee, has answered commonly asked questions about the ACR rifle. What I did not realize is that the production version of the ACR does not use AR-15 barrels or triggers!

Let me remind you all this forum is for product questions & to share info on your existing BFI products. If your intention is to just come in here and randomly use profanity and bash products, your post will be reported to AR15.Com Staff and deleted. I’m all for talking about product and taking criticism, but the majority of this re: the ACR is over the top and unacceptable.

If I missed something, I’ll come back in and answer what I can.

1st Topic M4 Bbl:
M4 profile was picked as a trade-off between weight and durability. We tested up to 6 bbl profiles (hvy, med, light, heavy under the handguard M4, M4, and fluted hvy). We found that the M4 offered the best weight/performance ratio.

2nd 1×9 Bbl Twist vs. 1×7:
1/7 bbl assemblies will be offered. BFI did 1:9 bc tests show that for 62 gr and under it was more accurate than 1:7. However, 1:9 does not stabilize 77 gr and above as well, so for customers requiring a. 1:7 it will be offered separate and installed in the rifle late spring.

3rd Civ weight vs. Mil Version:
The Mil version is still under development and weight reduction to 7lbs. is part of that process. When completed, application of those design changes and the use of alternate material components can be applied to the civ model.

4th Chrome lined vs. New Proprietary Coating:
Many have pointed out that the ACR barrels are not chrome lined and that is correct… They are not. That does not mean that they are not coated. As stated in our original press release the ACR barrels, and all internal components, feature a new, proprietary coatings that are substrate conversions which vastly increase durability, lubricity and reliability.

5th Pricing:
To make this weapon combat ready, and suitable for LE application and Civilian sales, it went thru revision after revision after revision. The ACR is not an inexpensive rifle to produce, it is of the highest quality and we are utilizing the most advanced materials available. The $1500 Retail price tag was not realistic. I know we all wanted to produce and offer this weapon for under $2k, but when the cost roll up is done, and all the pricing is tiered the realistic $’s are what we are showing.

6th BFI Targeting Modern Warfare Consumers
Absolutely not, especially when a large demographic playing this game are youth and we are very careful not to market to individuals who are not legally able to own a firearm, especially youth. We commented at the show on the phenomenon Modern Warfare 2 has caused, bringing the awareness of the ACR to an entire segment of the population that was previously unaware of it. But this product has never been targeted specifically to the players of video game. Our target, as it has been and remains, are professional firearms users, tactical firearms enthusiasts, target and competition shooters, and recreational shooters who value high quality, performance firearms.

Lastly, replacement bbls, buttstocks, forends, and caliber conv kits will be offered. We are setting up our accessory/spares program, and will release more info on this as we get closer to the offering.

The cheaper Basic model of Bushmaster ACR at SHOT Show ’10

He then went on to say …

  1. They do not accept a std AR Bbl. However, spare bbls will be offered.
  2. We did show the A-TAC Camo version at Shot, it will follow shortly after the release of the Enhanced ACR.
  3. We will be offering the 6.8, 7.62×39, and 6.5.
  4. No other trigger option avail..this one is pretty sweet.
  5. Enhanced model does not go with an additional hgd, will go with the 3 rail only. Basic hgd will be offered separately.

I wonder why they dropped AR-15 barrel and trigger group compatibility. It was one of the major features touted by Magpul back in the day.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Brian Brian on Nov 20, 2010

    Bought one....love it, zero malfunctions, more modular then anything out there.

  • Tom Tom on Jul 22, 2011

    I have an ACR and I am in the military. Given the chance I would reach for my ACR before an M4. I read on here that somebody "heard" that it has more recoil than an M4. Not true...for one its a different type of recoil, and two...man up and get behind the weapon. There are definitely things Bushmaster could have done better don't get me wrong. My biggest complaint is that I am still waiting on my caliber and barrel conversions...it’s been close to 2 years guy...com'on! My next complaint is that I had to buy the folding stock separately...Nobody wants the standard stock...it was never meant to be a precision configuration. Give what the masses want...A FOLDING STOCK ON THE BASIC ACR THAT I BUY. That’s really about it. I think it’s a good concept and I'm glad that they moved the charging handle forward and kept it non-reciprocating. One thing that the SCAR lacks.