Masterpiece Arms .460 Rowland

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Masterpiece Arms are now selling their MPA (Mac-10 clone) carbines and pistols chambered in the .460 Rowland cartridge.

.460 Rowland 16″ barreled carbine.

The .460 Rowland was originally developed a decade ago as a magnum power cartridge suitable for the 1911 pistol. It is about 10% more powerful than the 10mm Auto. I have not seen evidence of the .44 Magnum performance claimed.

This video entertaining video demonstrates the .460 MPA guns. It is worth watching, if only to see the concrete block wall dismantled 🙂

.460 Rowland 6″ barreled pistol

Prices start at $579 for the pistol and $853 for the carbine.

[Hat Tip: Tactical Life]

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Gunrunner Gunrunner on May 02, 2012

    Pity it is not in 10mm. Then you could use the power, flat trajectory and wide selection of bullet weights of the 10mm, still have the ammo fit into a grease gun magazine and still have the same ammo on your hip, yet use the 10mm's extra power that is developed in a 16 inch barrel, something the 45 ACP will not do. With Grease gun Mags, 35 rounds with stock follower (40 if your trim it slightly).

    For example: Using Double Tap 165g 10mm (my carry load) it comes out of the barrel of my Witness at 1400 but out of a carbine at 1650 and 900ftps and has more than the 350 ftps of the 45 ACP hardball out to 350 yards!

    I would buy a 10mm version in a heartbeat. Perfect Urban Carbine.

    • Razedbywolvs Razedbywolvs on Oct 03, 2014

      @Gunrunner Ok this commet is 2 years old but.... 460 Rowland out preforms 10mm in every way, 460 Rowland 185 gr JHP 1,560 ft/s 1,000 ft·lbf
      10mm 180 gr 1,300 ft/s 676 ft·lbf
      The added benefit is you can shoot 45acp out of a 460 Rowland.

  • T. Roosevelt T. Roosevelt on Sep 12, 2014

    Anyone on here have any idea how I could go about converting my .45 Master Piece Arms into a .460 like this?

    I've got a .45 side cocker carbine and I love it. It's a reliable and accurate weapon that I keep in my truck when going around the farm. I don't have to be delicate with it and it serves me exactly as I need it. There are coyotes about in these parts and I would absolutely love to have that extra fire power in my MPA