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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Yesterday I blogged about Jesse James receiving the first consumer ACR rifle. He has had the rifle photographed and posted the photos on ar15.com. Ignore all Spike’s Tactical logos, they were added to the photos and are not on the actual gun.

Bushmaster ACR
Left Side. Note “multi-caliber”.
Right side
The lower
Lower and fire control group.
Pistol Grip
Gas Block
Under the rail.
Gen-4 Rail.
Barrel and pistol
Upper and bolts

Jesse says …

  1. Mid length gas system, 16″ barrel, m4 profile, AAC break for m42000 Can. New ratchet and lock design.
  2. Gen-4 Rail system with removable pic rail sections. Rail moves a little in rear if twisted. (See Shoot Photos)
  3. Came with both the new style folder with spring lock and the fixed stock.
  4. New style gas block, no bayo lug,
  5. Gun is Black.
  6. All kinds of Q/D options on both sides of the rifle.
  7. Charging handle can be flipped left or right, up or down.
  8. Great fit and function, and is very easy to figure out. Rear upper pin hangs slightly when in out position.
  9. Trigger is 100% better than SCAR and is very crisp. (Looks to be a standard AR style, might be wrong though)

It is great to finally see what is, almost certainly, the final civilian version of the Bushmaster ACR.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Destroyer Destroyer on Feb 16, 2010

    TJ100, its because it has a potential to replace the 5.56 and 7.62 NATO rounds (making up for the weaknesses of both rounds while keeping superior ballistics than both). The 6.5 is superior to the 6.8 though it has always irritated me how the army has been flirting with the inferior round of the two. I guess production is day and nights difference in size between remington and alexander arms.

  • Tyler Tyler on Apr 01, 2010